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Treatment of the devastating effects of global hypoxia-ischemia in at least 3 indications

1. Cardiac arrest: a giant and increasing problem. About half a million patients in the US and EU annually suffer from cardiac arrest. Due to aging and obesity it is an increasing worldwide problem. More and more people survive since the introduction of AEDs, however, 30-50% of survivors end up with cognitive defects.

2. Birth aspyxia: creates life long disability. About 1-6 out of 1000 live births in US and EU annually suffer from birth asphyxia. Long term sequelae: cerebral palsy, epilepsy, visual disturbances and the hurdle is about as big as HIV/Malaria. Huge costs to society, about 1 Million dollar per life.

3. Other indications: Since clinical safety has been established other indications caused by acute oxygen shortage are/ can be investigated.